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Shed sizes allowed ?

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1 Shed sizes allowed ? on Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:30 pm

Does anybody know the biggest a new shed on the site can be ?
I have one at home (3m x 2m x 2m high) that I am thinking of taking over to replace my old and rickety shed.

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2 Shed Sizes on Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:20 pm

The official Shed Size is 8 feet x 6 feet, as this was the size of the sheds originally supplied on the site. However, this was raised at the last trustees meeting and it was noted that over the years permission has been granted for larger structures. Your proposed shed of roughly 10' x 6' 6", (we don't seem to have gone metric yet), is not excessive, but we are undertaking a review of what sheds are already on the site and what the revised rules should be. We are also looking at the state of some sheds that need replacement. Materials have normally been provided for gardeners to repair roofs, etc. and these are available now.

However, there are other considerations. With the increase of half plots, (and less), should plot-holders be asked to share, with the obvious problems, or should we supply, (or maybe allow), additional sheds. Also, if somebody replaces a shed, we would need a commitment that the replacement would remain on the site if the tenant leaves.

I know you asked a simple question, but the answer is rather more complex than we would like. This will come up again at the next Trust meeting and I hope you will have a more positive response then.
John Edwards - Trust Scribe

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3 Re: Shed sizes allowed ? on Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:33 pm

It was a thorough answer Shocked
My shed is on its knees, although repairable, I have a friend who has no shed, so I would ask him if he wanted it for his plot, or make it available should any one else want it.
And accept that I would have to leave it should I vacate the plot at any time.
Many Thanks Smile

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4 New Sheds on Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:18 am

The Trust has purchase ten new sheds at a cost of some £1500.00 for the most needy plots. We are aware that this is a small number, but this is an on-going policy. Felt is available from the Big Shed for gardeners who wish to re-roof their sheds. Please contact Yvonne to obtain it.

There are clearly inconsistencies in shed sizes, which the trust is trying to address, but this will take time.
The purpose of the shed is to store tools and materials, as well as providing limited shelter in bad weather. it is not to provide a "home from home" and it can never be regarded as a secure store.
Hence the 6' x 4' sheds provided should be the norm although many variations have occurred over the years. Please contact Mr Tillett, the Trust's Site Representative, concerning this matter.

John Edwards, Trust Scribe

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