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Annual Burgesses Meeting 2016

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1 Annual Burgesses Meeting 2016 on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:03 pm

The 2016 meeting of Stafford Burgesses is to be held in the Walton Room of Stafford Borough Council on Monday 18th January 2016 starting at 7.30.
The meeting will be chaired by The Mayor of Stafford, Councillor Peter Jones.
The meeting is open for all sworn burgesses of Stafford to attend. The purpose is to review the work of the trustees over the past 12 months and to appoint new trustees.

It is hoped that new burgesses will exercise their right to ensure that their primary asset, the Coton Fields Allotments, are properly managed.

The Agenda is shown below.

Please note that any items for discussion or trustee proposal forms must reach the scribe two weeks before the meeting.

1.     Attendance and Apologies

2.     Notice of Meeting
Note this has been published as agreed in earlier meetings, on the Guild Web Site, The Coton Fields Web site, The Staffordshire Newsletter Community Pages and the Mayor’s Engagements.  

3.     Accuracy and Acceptance of Minutes from previous meeting
Minutes were published 25th January 2015 were verified by the trustees then added to earlier minutes on the Guild Web Site. Copies will be available at the meeting.

4.     Matters arising
Most items will be covered in this year’s reports, but there may be items from the floor.

5.     Officers’ Annual Reports
As the Clerk/Treasurer Role has now been sub-divided there will be no large comprehensive book issued.
However, summaries of all important points have been distributed and detailed information is available on request.
A. Chairman’s Report
B. Vice-chairman's Report
C. Scribe’s Report
D. Treasurer’s Report
E. Site Administrator’s Report

6.     Election of New Trustees
There are four trustees retiring after three years, (all standing again).
There are four vacancies and four nominations received to date, which will not require a vote unless further valid nominations are received by 12th January.

7.     Any Other Business
One item has been submitted, but questions from the floor are usually permitted.
a. Update on negotiations with Severn Trent

8.     Date of next meeting
Provisionally 16th January 2017

9.     Closing remarks

Agenda issued 3/1/2016 by John Edwards, Scribe to the Trustees, (01785 823067 or )

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