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Glass on Site

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1 Glass on Site on Tue May 27, 2014 12:25 pm

Over many years a large amount of glass has accumulated on many of our allotment plots. As long as it stays intact and fixed in frames or greenhouses, it is safe. Unfortunately, a lot has become broken and spread around the grounds. This makes it unpleasant and dangerous for all users of the allotments. We intened to have a major clean up in the near future and several collections of glass have already begun. These are currently awaiting safe disposal.

To prevent this situation continuing in future, no new installations with a significant amount of glass will be permitted. Fortunately, the price of polycarbonate sheeting has reduced recently, so we do not think it is unreasonable to insist on its use in any new greenhouses or frames that are to be installed. As it is effectively "Double glazing" it is offered by most manufacturers of new greenhouses.

Hopefully, tenants are aware that permission is needed to put up any buildings or greenhouses on the site and the policy on glass is explained when such permission is sought. We are hoping that over the next few years there will be a transition from glass to safer materials. it is not practical or fair to demand removal of all existing installations, but we hope that any replacements will make use of safer materials.

Unwanted glass must be disposed of responsibly.

On behalf of the Trustees, I thank everyone for their cooperation in this attempt to make the site safer.

John Edwards
Scribe to the Trust.

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