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Water Usage

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1 Water Usage on Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:54 am

As most people are aware, the site has limited resources as far as water is concerned. This is due to the size of the supply pipes and restrictions imposed by Severn Trent. Much effort has gone into improving the supply, but the costs of connecting an additional supply are currently prohibitive.

For that reason there has long been a policy that hoses should only be used to fill up storage barrels on each plot and that hand watering from those barrels should be the norm.

Last year the rule was relaxed due to drought conditions, but the Trust would like to remind gardeners that, in the interests of the site as a whole, no direct hose watering is permitted. This is not just a matter of costs, but hoses left of at one part of the site means that other gardeners have zero pressure to fill their barrels.

Please politely inform new gardeners of this rule, as they may be unaware of the requirement or the reasons for it.

We are currently trying to find a source of additional barrels.

Please note also that the supply is not approved for drinking, due to the low level outlets.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Edwards, Trust Scribe.

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2 More about water suppies on Tue May 27, 2014 12:01 pm

As you are aware, we have been trying for some years to improve the water system on the allotments, but costs have been prohibitive and various initiatives have come to nothing.

As part of a system expansion programme in Stafford, Severn Trent Water needs to add some new pipelines. We hope that by permitting the appropriate use of Freemen's Allotments land for some of the route, we may be able to get a water system that will benefit all users of Coton Fields.

Since surveyors have been seen assessing the options, there have been many rumours flying about, generated mainly by troublemakers trying to cause alarm. We do not expect anything to happen until 2015 and the few plotholders that may be affected were warned at the time of the last rent collection.

The site is working very harmoniously at present, so please stamp on any silly stories you may hear.

In the meantime water conservation remains important and the cooperation of all gardeners is requested.

Rest assured that the current Trustees are always working for the best interests of the site.

John Edwards
Scribe to the Trust

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